Project: “Hear the image-see the sound”.
Organizer: Savchenko Foundation
In collaboration with the “Art Therapy” association

Funded by the City of Gdańsk as part of theSmall Grants 2021Program.

A series of concerts in the space of the art gallery “Savchenko Gallery”.
An organic combination of visual and musical art.
Direct contact in a friendly intimate space with the contractor.
Integration and communication of different social groups.
The delight of live music is surrounded by magnificent works of art.

Concert Schedule for October 2021 :
01.10.2021 Lipi & Primitiv Band
08. 10. 2021 Nina Romanowska & Paulina Porszke
15. 10. 2021 Joanna Wojtkiewicz
21. 10. 2021 JohnElfCzerwinski
29. 10. 2021 Xueer Sun.

  29.10.2021. XueEr Sun

21.10.2021  “The marvel universe of Jan ” Elf”, Jan “Elf” Czerwinski.

15.10.2021  Joanna Wojtkiewicz

NIna Romanowska 08.10.2921 Nina Romanowska

     01,10,2021 Lipi & Prymityv  Band – Poetry + Music

   05.09.2021.  Grzegorz “Stanley” Stanek and Kacper „Xankish” Drzeżdżon

  24.08.2021. XueEr Sun

26.07.2021.  Jan „Elf” Czerwiński