Savchenko Gallery is an author art gallery founded in 2019, in Gdansk, Poland. As of February 2021, Savchenko Gallery continues to work as the Savchenko Foundation. Savchenko Gallery’s commercial activities are established to support the Foundation in fulfilling its mission and goals. Savchenko Gallery is not only an exhibition hall and a platform for artists’ ideas, it also consults and management consulting, education and promotion of the arts. The gallery actively collaborates with musicians, architects and designers, cultural institutions and representatives of various directions and fields of culture. Our main rules: openness, communication, high artistic quality.

As a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, from now, our gallery will work
as a Volunteer Assistance Сoordination Center for the Defenders of Ukraine
and citizens of Ukraine, who were forced to seek refuge in friendly Poland.
At this link, a list of the necessary things that should be brought to the following address:
Savchenko Gallery: ul. Garbary 8. 80-827, Gdańsk, Poland.
All collected items will go directly to military units or voluntary organizations in Ukraine.
You can also help make a money donation.
Our bank accounts:
Fundacja «Savchenko» Title of transfer: Donation “Save Ukraine”
ZŁOTY: PL 55 1240 5400 1111 0011 0466 2783
USD: PL 86 1240 5400 1787 0011 0466 2666
EURO: PL 29 1240 5400 1978 0011 0466 2581
Pay Pal:


Campaign “Letters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”

For the sixth month now, Ukraine is resisting the war against the cruel and insolent Russian enemy. Our soldiers are fighting heroically at the front, protecting both Ukraine and the whole world. To help them and raise morale, the Savchenko Foundation together with Plast Gdańsk is launching the campaign “Letters to the Armed Forces of […]

Koncert of music group “Ocheretyanyy kit”

  We cordially invite you to the concert of the “Ocheretyanyy kit” band, which will take place on Friday, at August 19, at 8.00 pm in the Savchenko gallery space, at Garbary Street in the Gdańsk Old Town. “Ocheretyany Kit” is a Ukrainian band founded in 1995. Team members: Mykola Doliak and Roman Kril “Ocheretyany […]

“4uproperty” – our partners!

Paintings from Savchenko Gallery in the luxury apartment from #ONEAPARTMENTS in Gdańsk  thanks to our partnes from  4Uproperty! VIDEO

Art exhibition „Uniwersum”

08.07.2002-08.08.2022 Opening: 07/08/2022, 8:00 p.m. Art in the VIP area of the airport A series of exhibitions aimed at presenting art in public space, including painting, graphics and sculpture. The exhibitions are to be international in nature, by inviting artists from all over the world who create or have been in residences in Gdańsk cultural […]

Individual formats. Ukrainians.

Individual formats. Ukrainians. 29 of June 2022, Club of the German Federal Foreign Office Collection of Ukrainian artists by Savchenko Gallery. Olesia Dzhurayeva , Ustym Fedko, Roman Romanyshyn , Andriy Roik, Denys Struk, Serhiy Savchenko, Vasyl Savchenko . Introductory laudation Erik Mai ,Sculptor June 29th 2022 - September 15th 2022 he opening of the art exhibition Junу [...]

Aleksandar Bonačić “Limit of emptiness” /“Transition”

Aleksandar Bonačić “Limit of emptiness” /“Transition” 09.06 -20.06.2022 , Savchenko Gallery, Gdańsk Otwarcie: 09.06.2022 , 19.00 Organizator : Savchenko Gallery Savchenko Foundation Partner: «Museum ideas»( Lwów, Ukraina) The exhibition of photographs from the series "The Limit of Emptiness" has already been exhibited in Lviv in «Museum of Ideas» and never before in Poland. The wide [...]

Animation Slam 2022

ANIMATION SLAM 20223 Live Animation Festival Friday 3 June 9.00-20.00 - Underground of the Great Armory is done - Polish Animation School 2022 ”lecturers' speeches representation of: Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk Film School in Łódź University [...]

To Sito

Place: ➤ Savchenko Gallery ➤ Opening: May 31 (Tuesday) ➤ Time: 19.00 "To Sito" is a collective exhibition of screen printing works that were created in the screen printing studio in tuBaza. The aim of the exhibition is to popularize screen printing and to present the wide creative possibilities offered by this technique. The following [...]

“Art for Ukraine” in USA, Cleveland

Coventry PEACE plans benefit for Ukraine On Sunday, May 15, 2 to 5 p.m., Coventry PEACE Campus (CPC) will host an afternoon of art, music and food, all to benefit the artists of Ukraine. The concept for the benefit grew from the 30-plus-year friendship between Susie Porter, of Euclid, and Serhiy Savchenko, a well-known Ukrainian [...]

Ukrainian Evening in Savchenko Gallery.

On May 21 at 6.00 p.m.t Savchenko Gallery on ul. Garbary 8 in Gdansk.The word has always been important. It was not in vain that the occupiers often destroyed all manifestations of culture, the sources from which the truth could be read. Now there is a war in Ukraine. Every voice and every hand of [...]

Exhibition in Innowroclaw

26.04.2022, on the initiative of the Rotary Club Inowrocław, an exhibition of paintings and graphics by Serhiy Savchenko was opened to help Ukraine at the Inowrocław City Gallery. Thanks to the Rotary Club, we managed to collect humanitarian aid worth PLN 13,500! In the near future, the collected medicines and the necessary things will be […]

Happy Easter

  Life is full of amazing forms, the essence of which is often difficult to resolve, and even in troubled times, hope leads us to the bright side. On the occasion of Easter, we wish you peace, love and faith in our wonderful Free World!