Savchenko Gallery is an original art gallery founded in 2019 in Gdańsk. Since February 2021, Savchenko Gallery has been operating as the “Savchenko” Foundation. Activities and the Savchenko Gallery were established to support the Foundation in carrying out its tasks and mission. Savchenko Gallery is not only an exhibition hall and a platform for artists’ ideas, but also consulting and advice in the field of management, education, and art promotion. The gallery actively cooperates with musicians, architects and designers, cultural institutions, and representatives of various directions and fields of culture. Our main slogans are openness, communication, and high artistic quality. We are because you are with us.


“Fragiles formae” (Fragile forms)

“Fragiles formae” (Fragile forms)19.11-30.11.2022 in Savchenko Gallery. Opening 19.00, 19/11/2022 The exhibition will present the works of two artists from France and Ukraine: Aude Guillet (Object) and Oleg Kapustyak (Sculpture). Aude Guillet comes from sunny Provence. She lived in Ukraine for a long time and defended her diploma at the Sacred Art Department of the […]

“Seemingly invisible” , Serhiy Savchenko

  Photo relation from the opening and the exhibition.   Exposition: Works from project:

Wordmeeting: Tomasz„Lipi” Lipski

We cordially invite you to a poetic and music evening: The Wordmeeting of Tomasz "Lipi" Lipski, which will take place on Saturday, October 29, 2022, at 7.00 p.m. at the Savchenko Gallery Tomasz "Lipi" Lipski- born in Gdansk. Poet, musician, cultural animator. Laureate of national poetry competitions. He made his debut in the Topos magazine [...]

Ukrainian Week in Gdańsk / Exhibition of posters “terrorussia”

Ukrainian Week in Gdańsk The Ukrainian week in Gdańsk will be held on October 19-23, 2022 in Gdańsk. This special time will be enriched by workshops and meetings with special people. There will also be an artistic accent, on Wednesday the opening of the exhibition of posters by the Ukrainian artist Dante Alighieri "terrorussia" will [...]

“Ukrainskyy Zriz” in Kaunas, Litwa

4 November – 4 December! 2022 “Ukrainskyy Zriz” in Kaunas, Lithuania. Triennale of contemporary art. About Ukraine in the world in the language of art. The 5th triennial of contemporary Ukrainian art “Ukrainian Cut” opens on November 4 in Kaunas! Under the name UKRAINE! The UNMUTED project will present a large-scale program consisting of several […]

Concert – Jan Elf Czerwiński

We cordially invite you to the concert of Jan Elf Czerwiński, which will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 7.00 p.m. Jan Elf Czerwiński makes sounds with his voice. Masterfully. Passing it through myself, my work in the theater, hip-hop background, love of folk, electronics, jazz, metal and author’s song, experiences, traveled roads, […]


ALEKSANDER NAJDA, VASYL SAVCHENKO, HANNA KLEPACKA, SANDRO RUSCIO “GRUNT RZECZY” Place of the exhibition: Exhibition date: Opening date: WGS BWA, Contemporary Art Gallery (Old Mine), ul. Wysockiego 29, Wałbrzych 14-10-2022 – 08-01-2023 14-10-2022, 18:00 THE GROUND OF THINGS Word – image – sound… and space The Land of Things was created out of admiration for […]

“Outlands” , Serhiy Savchenko

“That’s like the living ghost of an immense country trapped in a permanent un-making…” Antonio Luis Ramos Membrive   “Outlands” Serhiy Savchenko Gallery “Dzyga” Lviv, st. Virmenska, 35 8.10-29.10.2022 Opening at 17.00, 8.10.2022 The “Outlands” art project was created from waste from the production of wooden world maps. Everything that did not get on the […]

WORD-MEETING – Lena Pelowska

We cordially invite you to a poetic evening-WORD-MEETING – Lena Pelowska, which will be held on Saturday, October 1, at 7.00 p.m. in the Savchenko Gallery space, at 8 Garbary Street in Gdańsk. Lena Pelowska (born Magdalena Kuśmirek), physicist by education, resident of Gdańsk. A popularizer of haiku, a short and economical poetic form. He […]

Concert Uhuru Trio

We cordially invite you to the concert of the band “UHURU TRIO”, on Saturday, September 17, 2022, at 19.00 “Uhuru Trio” is a Tri-City band founded in 2011. The main pillars of this formation are Ada Majdzińska-singing and Rafał Uhuru Szyjer-guitars. The formation oscillates in jazz-pop climates with a hint of sung poetry. The group’s […]

“Individual formats. Ukrainians.” Wansee-Berlin.

15 Sept. – 9 Oct., 2022 Galerie Mutter Fourage Chausseestraße 15a 14109, Berlin Do /14bis 18 Uhr -Sa 12 bis 17 Uhr nr. +49 30 8052311 A series of works by 10 Ukrainian artists from the collection of Savchenko Gallery was presented at Berlin Gallery Mutter Fourage. That is the second presentation of that […]

Wordmeeting – «Travaaa», Uliana Savchenko

We cordially invite you to the poetic evening Wordmeeting – «Travaaa», Uliana Savchenko. This event is one of the series of musical and poetic meetings within the project “Hear the image = see the sound # 2”, which is supported and co-financed by the City of Gdańsk as part of the competition for cultural activities […]