The Savchenko Foundation was founded by the Savchenko family in February 2021, in Gdansk, Poland. The Foundation was established to carry out interdisciplinary artistic activities aimed at promoting art and artistic activities in various forms, influencing and enriching cultural processes, promoting creative dialogue, including international cooperation. Our goal is to spread culture through the arts, whether visual, musical, literary or theatrical. Our activities are aimed at a wide audience, local people and other nationalities. We take a broad understanding of culture as the basis for valuable communication between people and support all expressions of it in every industry. Because culture is not limited to art, but is a higher source of knowledge and communication.
From the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February 2022, the “Savchenko” Foundation also began to function as a volunteer center and coordinator of aid activities to support Ukraine and its citizens.

Founders and board members: Serhiy Savchenko, Lina Savchenko, Vasyl Savchenko.
Foundation Council: Mateusz Sora, Agnieszka Sora, Kamila Bednarska
Statutes of the Savchenko Foundation
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