As a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, from now on, our gallery will work as a volunteer assistance coordination Center for the Defenders of Ukraine and citizens of Ukraine,
who were forced to seek refuge in friendly Poland.
Please join our initiative.
At this link, a list of the necessary things that should be brought to the following address:

Savchenko Gallery: ul. Garbary 8. 80-827, Gdańsk, Poland

All collected items will go directly to military units or voluntary organisations in Ukraine.
You can also help make a money donation:

Our bank accounts:
Fundacja «Savchenko» Title of transfer: Donation “Save Ukraine”

ZŁOTY: PL 55 1240 5400 1111 0011 0466 2783
USD: PL 86 1240 5400 1787 0011 0466 2666
EURO: PL 29 1240 5400 1978 0011 0466 2581
Pay Pal:

At the same time, we would like to inform you that we are not
interrupting our work as an Art Gallery.
As always, you can buy the best works of your favourite authors.
100% of the gallery’s profit will be donated to support Ukraine.

We are open from 10.00 to 21.00, Monday to Saturday.
In other times please call 24/7:
+48 737794711, +380676751215 – Serhiy Savchenko
+48 790300517 – Lina Savchenko

Day 78
Thanks to the private initiative of our friends, donors from the UK (many medicals and various necessary items for the military), and the British-Ukrainian Aid Foundation – 80 top-quality medical tunicates (delivered personally to Lviv by Levko Tymoschuk), we were able to provide much-needed medicine. Vasylkiv of the Kiev region.

Tactical medicals, gloves, unloading, (sewn by Oleksandr Chernokun, (funde rised by Ksenia Naidenko and our Foundation), underwear, respirators, defibrillators, antibiotics, etc. from Rotory Club Innowroclaw, already delivered to the 1st Battalion of the 28th Brigade in Odesa, delivered by Otrest Smisko, and Timur Amanov to 95 and A 3085 brigade near Pereyaslav.
Thanks to your donations over the last few weeks, we have raised an additional 10,900 zlotych and 1,250 euros.
Of these, PLN 6,000 was received from our fellow Morze Foundation partners in the “Sitodruk dla Ukrainy” campaign. Thank you, Mateusz Zywicki!

So in the coming days we will be able to buy the next batch of necessary things, which we will deliver together with other packages that are still waiting for transport and we will inform you about it immediately.

Thank you very much to everyone who joins the collection of property, monetary donations, packaging, carrying, transportation and transfer, delivery directly into the hands of soldiers (often at the risk of life)

This time we want to thank the staff of Savchenko Gallery. Your dedicated work is invaluable.

Day 69.
Thanks to the help of Alina Romanyuk, who personally delivered several large cases of drugs from the USA. Tactical drugs have already been delivered to the soldiers of the 125th battalion in Lviv, the clinical part of the drugs has been delivered to the medical point of the 135th Vasylkivskyi battalion TRO (head P. Vyhovska Oksana).

In addition to coordinating, operating and collecting the necessary things to help Ukraine, we constantly receive funds from donor friends who support our activities.
Thanks to these funds, we buy everything ourselves, according to our needs, and send it to Ukraine.

Thanks to a donation from the SOS Studio in Gdańsk (PLN 1790), we bought 85 military T-shirts, also at the expense of other private donors, 120 pairs of tactical gloves were purchased (PLN 8 160).
All this will soon go to Ukrainian soldiers on the front line.

Day 66. A few days ago, a large bus, with the help of the Polish-German-Austrian community, went to the Krasnocutsk commune of the Kharkiv region, where over 10,000 migrants were staying. Currently, there are 120 beds in the summer camp. Clothes and food are distributed as needed. We appreciate your help immensely. At our request, we were sent a list of people and companies that have sent 4 parcels since the beginning of the great war in Ukraine.
Private persons: 1.Kerstin Apel, Sabine Gottlich and Thomas Thieme They provided bedding, quilts, pillows, towels, fire extinguishers and now 2 boxes of hygienic and dressing materials,
2. Pensioners: Ingrid Schieser and Christel Bruder (German) – organized a fundraiser among friends: things for children and women.
1. Stadtisches Gymnasium Riesa – teachers and youth organized a collection for 1 transport, which, if I remember correctly, stayed in Przemyśl – under the care of a parish. (things for children, women and pets).
2.Grundschule Zeithain
3. Marienhuette GmbH, Graz, Austria,
4. ATF GmbH, Leopoldshagen, Germany.
5. The company Fuchs Fertigteilwerke GmbH, Zeithain
6. Zahnarztpraxis Spillecke, Prosen 7. Employees of the company UNIVERLOG Sp. z o.o.
We sincerely thank Mrs. Joanna Łopusińska and all partners who joined for collecting and coordinating all these loads.
We thank Yulia Khomchyn for help in delivering from Medyka to Lviv, and Natalia Klyuchnyk for coordination and delivery of cargo to recipients.

The “Savchenko” Foundation and the Savchenko Gallery do not reduce their activity in collecting, buying and coordinating aid for Ukraine in the most important places and delivering directly to the hands of those in need.

26.04.2022, on the initiative of the Rotary Club Inowrocław, an exhibition of paintings and graphics by Serhiy Savchenko was opened to help Ukraine at the Inowrocław City Gallery.
Thanks to the Rotary Club, we managed to collect humanitarian aid worth PLN 13,500!
In the near future, the collected medicines and the necessary things will be sent to Ukraine by the Savchenko Foundation.
Dear people, and friends, you are amazing!
Thank you from all of us for your help, compassion and support!
Special thanks to Leonard Franciszek Berendt for the initiative and invaluable help in organizing this event.
We would like to thank the management of Inowrocław City Gallery for the invitation and welcome!


Large human acts are accomplished small, real steps.
A few days back a young beautiful fellow visited our gallery, that passed 710 the zloty, collected through students and teachers 1-st Lyceum the name of M. Kopernika about a help Ukrainians escape from the war.
We decided to convert it into Easter basckets and direct it directly to the hands of persons that do not have the opportunity of baking and preparation of own Easter pastries now. Due to the help of Julia Khomchyn and Martha Bilska ( Lviv Institute Strategy of Culture) we got the addresses and contacts of such families. Unusually worried then, when the Easter gifts fell down to the hands of these people that on the loss of house return faith in humanity. All then happened may be due to wonderful initiative of the Gdansk children, what heat and support passed to also the Ukrainian children.
I thank you also for the preparation and help in the supply of gifts :

Ustym Fedko, Natalia Ortenia, Andriy Nakorchevski Iryna Zhenchur,Lida Kravchuk, Lina Lina ( Lina Savchenko) Leonard Berendt Art

Day 56.
Following 150 medical turnikets, bought in for the collected money due to gentlemen of donative, remained deported to our defenders. Each of them has on an aim prevention utracie at heavy traumas, each of them can save not alone life.
We thank you cordially for the coordination and the invaluable help of Yulia Khomchyn and Lwówski Instytut of Strategy of Culture.
I thank each especially and by all time, that join and help!
For free peace against the darkness of  russian barbarians.

49 days …
49 days of work, mutual support, deep human empathy, collaboration and fight for the major values of the Free World.
49 days hope, that a war nightmare finally will make off the victory of civilization, freedom and humanity.
With the help of the real friends of Ukraine from Poland and Germans, Georgia and Wlocow, Slovenia and France, Ukraine and United states, Great Britain and Spain, and the whole world, also their financial and material offering a next transport is deported to Ukraine with necessary things.

From the beginning of April due to donators, it is bought in :
it is a tactical shoe, 93 pcs. are 27 900 zloty
– medical turnikety, 400 pcs. are 40 000 zloty
are power banks of solar, 8 pcs. are 1391,96 zloty
are tactical backpacks of 15 pcs. are 1698,91 zloty
All bought in and passed through gentlemen within the framework of material (except for 200 tourniquets, that are as early as a road) donative were already delivered to 3. Rifle Roty, “Młót” 125. A battalion of Territorial Defence of Lviv, individual soldiers of that

15 days work
4 busses
196 boxes with a humanitarian help
Then the merit of each is of you!
Thanks to everybody, that added to us. Who participated in search of, purchase, sorting, packing and supply of all, that necessary on Ukraine.
Special gratitudes to all, that help financially. Every deposit is now important.
Photos of Sofiia Lupul💛
Second and third Bus from Gdansk to Ukraine!
Supplies of communication, lanterns, power banks, batteries, accumulators, tactical waistcoats, knee-guards, individual pharmacies, tactical glasses, mittens, termoactive linen, tactical boots, backpacks, plenty of medical resources, 150 pharm pharmacies, soldiery ribbons and warm clothing and other matters of 89 large and small boxes. All then our expensive friends collect as a thing and funds.
The majority of the load was deported to the Center of Humanitarian Logistic in Teplyku in the district of Vinnytsya, where part of the necessary objects will get to local defence, will serve to rest of hundreds of emigrants from the east and will get to other places it is needed in that. A logistic centre will direct also help in the most necessary places. Part of medications from our humanitarian load we passed to also the Lviv circuitous hospital for soldiery veterans by the name of Y. Lypy.
With impatience, we expect the next sending that is ready to transport.
We got a considerable part of the facilities collected on the sale of works of art in our gallery also.
All then happened maybe only due to you and to Your large heart, expensive friends.
We got a considerable part of the facilities collected on the sale of works of art also.
We work farther!
Help Ukraine-Win Together!!
10 Days…
First packages with Savchenko Gallery already in Lviv:
Lanterns, power banks and thermal clothes already went into the hands of the Ukrainian Defender Forces and Battalion of OUN.
Other things: medications, the heat of thing, tactical commodities already we pack to Teplyckiej Terytorialnej defences and battalion in Gaysynie, Winnytska of oblast.
We expect tomorrow new bus with packages!
We thank all our cardiac friends from Gdansk and Rzeszow and the whole healthy World!
We work farther! We will Win Together!