We decided to launch an opportunity to financially support our activities as the Savchenko Foundation.
This will allow us to organize even more events for you,
such as exhibitions, concerts, meetings with artists, workshops and residencies.
We aim to make our gallery a permanent fixture on the cultural map of Gdansk, and thanks to
You can make this plan come true in the near future! Please visit our Patronite.
We have prepared prizes for each patron for their support.

We encourage you to support us on Patronite platform.

As a foundation, we aim to promote art and artistic activities in various forms,
influence and enrich cultural processes,
promote creative dialogue, including international cooperation.
Even a small but regular contribution will allow us to continue in what we do and to grow.

We are because you are with us.

Można nas również wesprzeć bezpośrednio wpłacając darowiznę na nasz numer konta:   Bank PKO SA, PL 55 1240 5400 1111 0011 0466 2783