“Evening of Poetry by TRAVAAA
Saturday 29th April 2023, 7:00 PM
Savchenko Gallery

The poetesse will present her latest lyrical works and perform some of her own songs on the acoustic guitar. All pieces will be heard live for the first time.
The poems will be in Ukrainian, but all texts will be translated into Polish.
You are warmly invited to attend.
Admission is free.

Uliana Savchenko (“Travaaa”)
She was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 2004 into an artistic family. At the age of 6, she began studying at LSSMSHI (Lviv School of Music with Boarding School) named after S. Kruszelnicka, where she perfected her violin playing, and piano was an additional mandatory instrument. In 2017, she joined the National Scout Organization of Ukraine PLAST. In 2020, she left the music school and began learning guitar during homeschooling. A year later, she joined the beginner rock band FALSHIVI, and began writing poetry and music. Currently, she is actively engaged in creative work; writing song lyrics and poetry, drawing, and performing concerts in Poland.
“…I started writing my first poems in February 2019, at the same time I created an Instagram account where I published all my poems. Currently, I will be sharing them on the social media platform Twitter. I have about 150 poems in my portfolio… With the beginning of the quarantine in 2020, I started learning to play guitar and write songs. After the Russian invasion, I came to Poland where I started performing independently. So far, I have created about 50 original songs…”