April 23 – June 10, 2023
Jens Kunath and Lea Gryze
Galerie Mutter Fourage
Chausseestr. 15 A
14109 Berlin – Wannsee
Phone: +49 30 8052311
Faith has a deep meaning and great significance in many cultures and religions. A person believes in something or considers something to be true, believes in a higher power or deep spirituality.
In art, faith is made visible in its diversity and contradictions, which can contribute to strengthening and deepening faith, but also to questioning and criticizing it, because faith can also serve as a reason for conflicts and wars, as history has taught us.
The exhibition FAITH presents a diverse selection of works by artists from the Secession to the present day, which illuminate faith in all its facets.
Artists presented at the exhibition:
Marc Chagall | Arthur Degner | Joachim Dunkel | Slawomir Elsner | Philipp Franck | Miki Gamzou | Herbert Garbe | GODsDOGs | Anton Henning | Peter Herrmann | Halina Hildebrand | John Isaacs | Beza von Jacobs | Svitlana Karunska | Thorsten Alexander Kasper | Thomas Klingenstein | Christopher Lehmpfuhl | Max Liebermann | Erik Mai | Tanja Nittka | Römer + Römer | Serhiy Savchenko | Hans Scheib