We cordially invite you on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 19.00 to the exhibition of Serhiy Savchenko’s paintings “Seemingly invisible” and to the animation show “Gdank -Movement” at the Savchenko Gallery. The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a solo performance by a young and well-known Ukrainian singer “Rybonka” (Kseniya Kysylychyn), who will present her latest album “Dom” and other songs.

The exhibition will feature a series of Gdańsk landscapes created by the author’s perception of the city and the constant experience of its evolution and changes. The artist shows a city without people, their presence is “hidden” behind the walls, although their content is deeply human.

“The city as an architectural agglomeration is a world of countless lines which, thanks to the laws of perspective, quickly recede into the distance. They only exist because of a specific vision of people, each of which has its own unique horizon and only identifies one unique point of convergence.
The works from the “Nothing Absent” series tell the story of the city’s image thanks to a myriad of perfectly arranged possibilities and constructive probabilities.” S.S.

The animated film “Gdańsk-Ruch” is a kind of study of people’s movement using stop-motion animation. This is the third movie in this series. The first two animations, “Ruch” and “Istanbul-Ruch”, were created a few years ago and this year they were shown by UK distributors on Short TV in the United States.
This time a short film will talk about Gdańsk, and architecture will be present here only in a minimal amount. First of all, it is a story about the everyday movements of people with whom the author met at different times and under different circumstances.
All works at the exhibition were created as part of the Creative Scholarship for phisical persons from the City of Gdańsk.

Rybonka is a Ukrainian-Polish music duo from Gdańsk. Rybonka is also the creative pseudonym of Ksenia Kysylychyn, singer, pianist and songwriter. From March 2022, the Polish multi-instrumentalist and poet Marcin Turbiarz joined the project, enriching the music with bass, saxophone and male vocals. In April 2022, the song “Calymi I Цілими” appeared on YouTube and other streaming platforms, telling about the bloody war between Russia and Ukraine. The duo presents original, honest and emotional music, combining melancholic indie sound with folk, jazz and rock motifs. “Dom” is Rybonka’s first long-playing album. The album combines the music and poetry of the author, which are intertwined into one story about looking for a home and a journey to it. During this journey, the listener will be able, together with the narrator, to delve into thoughts and discover inner paths, get lost and try to find a place of peace and balance, experience joy, despair, anger and tenderness. The subject of the Russian-Ukrainian war will also leave its mark on the history of the record, just as it will leave its mark on each of us. The story, however, exists outside of real time and space. The album will be available with the Ukrainian and Polish versions of the poetry part. At the opening, you will also be able to buy exclusive CD albums of “Rybonka”.

This event takes place with the support and funding of the City of Gdańsk.


Works from project:


Photo relation from the opening and the exhibition.