Unselected  Stories
Serhiy Savchenko

Malbork Centre Culture  and Education
Nova Gallery
ul. Armii Krajowej 68
Malbork,82-200 Malbork, tel. 55 272 38 52

17. 11. 2021 Wednesday, 6 p. m
exhibition open until 03. 12. 2021.
Mon-Fri: 9:00-16:00

The exhibition will feature graphic works on paper from various periods
the work of Serhiy Savchenko. These will be works created during
the last 2 years during the artists stay in Gdańsk, as well as some works
from earlier times (created in Lviv). A wide range
of themes, from architectural or figurative collages to clearly
abstract compositions, encourages the viewer to perceive this exhibition
as a kind of personal diary of the artist. However, despite
 a declaration of seemingly unselected works, one can clearly
trace the main thematic canvass. It is an ongoing study
of human existence, but what is special is that the artist constantly
changes the point of view from seemingly distant contemplation
reality, to the maximum detail of phenomena, looking at
the world.