Animation Slam 2021
Live Animation Festival. Slam Animation 2021.
This is the second edition of this event. Student teams and their teachers from academic studios dealing with animation, not only film, are invited to actively participate.
The festival will consist of three events designed to bring together and integrate young people involved in film and applied animation. The planned events are addressed to all young people interested in their first steps in this attractive field of art and the development of their animation skills, also to the teaching and instructing circles, which are constantly looking for the most effective ways to transfer knowledge and workshop skills.
1. Slam Animation – Simultaneous, all-day film etude contest between two-person teams of students representing particular schools will be open to everyone (students, guests of the Academy and the Festival who would like to see young filmmakers facing creative challenges) (Academy of Fine Arts auditorium, November 5) .

2. The film competition (screenings) of etudes and graduation projects created in individual studios will be available for viewing in three cultural centres in Gdańsk – admission is free (Patio ASP, Kinoport in Nowy Port, GaleriaSavchenko).
(screenings on November 5 and 6)
3. The methodical conference “How it is done – Polish School of Animation 2021” (6 November), where we will exchange our pedagogical experiences, will be open to all interested, and I hope it will also be of interest to Gdansk and Tri-City art teachers.
In addition, during our festival we are planning, among other things, meetings in Gdansk animation film production centres in the studios of Smaczny Group and Kaz Studio in Gdynia.

Simultaneous realization competition
5 November 2021 10. 00-18. 00 Academy of Fine Arts auditorium
Competition review of student academic productions
Film screenings:
November 5, 2021
12. 00 – 18. 00 Patio ASP
16. 00- 18. 00 – Kinoport in Nowy Port (hours not yet confirmed)
November 6
19. 00 – 20. 00 Savchenko Gallery
Methodology conference “How is it done? – polish animation school 2021”
6 November 11. 00 – 15. 00 Patio of the Academy of Fine Arts
Solemn announcement of competition results
Presentation of the Awarded Films
6 November 18. 00 Patio ASP
After Party
Nov. 6, 7 p. m. Savchenko Gallery
19. 00 screening of awarded films
20. 00 Animation jam, discussions