From June 25 to July 10, 2021, as part of the 12-th edition of the Festival of Cultures “Window to the World” entitled “Music for the Earth”, the Savchenko Gallery will host an exhibition of paintings by three famous and respected Ukrainian artists:

Denys Struk – “Palimsests”, painting.

Serhiy Savchenko– “Wars”, painting.

Yura Koval- “Disappearance / Appearance”, painting.

Each of the creators works in its own special technique. Sometimes they differ very radically. These are three different temperaments, three worldviews, three approaches, but they all share high professionalism, deep devotion to artistic processes, and strong color contrasts. Painting is largely based on the Ukrainian painting school. Undoubtedly, acquaintance with these artists will be fascinating for the Tri-City viewers and connoisseurs of culture. Contemporary art of Ukraine, despite close contacts with neighbours, is often Terra incognito for Polish viewers.

During the exhibition: a meeting with artists, a live act by Denis Struk “Natural Paintings”, as well as a concert of two-time Polish beatbox master with the use of a loop station by Jan “Elf” Czerwinski.

Schedule of the exhibition:

25,06,2021  16.00-18.00 official opening of the festival “Window to the world” / exhibitions.

27.06,2021  20.00-24.00 after-party after the festival.
Live act: “Natural painting”: Denys Struk,
Music: Jan Czerwinski “Elf”

Exposition.Photo: Serhiy Savchenko

Opening 25.06.2021

Afterparty of festival 27.06.2021