Zeytinoğlu Cad. 8
34335 Beşiktaş, Turkey

Organization: Istanbul Artist Residency
CO- organization:: Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, Savchenko Foundation
Partners: Ukrainian general Consulate in Istanbul

“Silence is an audible kind of touch”

“Untouchable.” Kamila Bednarska.
Touch, which is the most important of the senses, is an element that is consciously overlooked today. With a handshake, we convey our image, our impression – the first record of us that will be remembered and recovered at the next meeting. By touching the palm of another hand, we convey an image of ourselves. An image that will remain in memories despite the changing reality. In the era of a pandemic, we exclude the possibility of touching each other. We’re making relationships by building a retreat. The untouchable ceases to have a connection (to be a relationship). Turkey especially felt the limits of tactile communication and real-live communication. And as we emerge from extended quarantines, we can rethink the importance of live performance. In this project, we will be able to see what kind of impact isolation has on our lives.

“Recitation of silences.” Serhiy Savchenko
Silence is the cause of the absence of sound. The white square is a sign of absolute silence. Due to an overstrain of a material, the form has arisen and has found the special drawing, looking for an exit and compensation. So every silence defines itself in the space of an imaginary sound vacuum.