On June 25-27, 2021, the 12th edition of the Festival of Cultures “Window to the World” will take place. Music for the Earth. In the new edition, the organizers of the festival want to focus the attention of the audience and the artists themselves on climate problems and broadly understood care for the environment. The basis of the artistic program will be concerts by Polish artists, with musicians combining distant cultures and musical influences. The common link in the selection of artists was their commitment to care for the natural environment, as well as to the presentation of rhythms and influences that fit in the diverse current of world music. Due to the specific character, technique or style of playing, the audience has a chance to see the relationship between musical culture and concern for the environment, and thus concern for historical or cultural heritage. In this case, music becomes not only a carrier of relevant content, but also serves for intercultural communication

For performances at the historic St. Jana in Gdańsk, representatives of Polish folk and ethnic music were invited, who create music based on various influences. We will find there, among others African blues music, music of South America (music of Mexico and Cuba), flamenco culture or Balkan-Roma rhythms and Slavic folk songs. During the pandemic, all concerts will also be held in sanitary regime, in accordance with the guidelines for counteracting the epidemic.As part of the accompanying events, cultural workshops devoted to music and ecology and an art exhibition are planned. Workshops and meetings on ecology and the so-called trash art. or upcycling (creating art from waste and giving a second life to various objects). The theme will be the influence that music has and should have on the care of the environment. Participants will construct their own sound instruments, modeled on the existing ones, and create completely new ones from everyday objects. In addition to the artistic activities themselves, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the music that is created in the natural marine environment, listen to the sounds and songs performed by various sea animals (lecture and webinar).

Festival program