We cordially invite you to the concert of the “Ocheretyanyy kit” band, which will take place on Friday, at August 19, at 8.00 pm in the Savchenko gallery space, at Garbary Street in the Gdańsk Old Town.
“Ocheretyany Kit” is a Ukrainian band founded in 1995.
Team members: Mykola Doliak and Roman Kril
“Ocheretyany Kit” Since 2014, he has been a member of the “Musical Battalion” voluntary organization, which helps the Armed Forces with technical, material, cultural and patriotic support.

• In June, the band “Ocheretyany Kit” gave 12 concerts in Lithuania as part of a tour. In total, the group has already purchased and donated 9 out of 25 Garmin Aera 660s to the army.
• The band participates in many Ukrainian rock and folk-rock festivals.
The final version of “Ocheretyany Kit” includes seven albums – “Bursa” (1998), “Mania” (1999), “Kolomyyki” (2002), “A journey to Kosakiwki” (2006),
“Demydiwski’s album” (2010), “20 steps” (2016), “Put on the oars” (2017), “Tesla goes to Mars” (2021).

The concert is one of the series of musical meetings of the project “Hear the image = see the sound # 2”, which is supported and co-financed by the City of Gdańsk under the “Small Grants 2022” program.


Photo relation from the event:
(Photo: Uliana Savchenko)