For the sixth month now, Ukraine is resisting the war against the cruel and insolent Russian enemy. Our soldiers are fighting heroically at the front, protecting both Ukraine and the whole world. To help them and raise morale, the Savchenko Foundation together with Plast Gdańsk is launching the campaign “Letters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.
How exactly can you join the action?
On August 15, 14.00 at Savchenko Gallery, 8 Garbary Street, there will be meetings where everyone can come and write thanks or greetings to ZSU in a comfortable atmosphere.
Letters to Ukrainian soldiers will be delivered directly by us or by our representatives in Ukraine along with humanitarian aid.
So that we can contact you, simply fill in the form below:

In addition, if you want, you can bring ready-made letters to the Savchenko Gallery from Tue-Sun. from 12.00 to 18.00   or send it via regular mail  to our adress:
Savchenko Gallery ,ul. Garbary 8. 80-827, Gdańsk, Polska

If you are far from us, write a letter and send us a photo to with the title “Letters to ZSU”

Koordynator of project:  @UlyanaSavchenko

We are invariably grateful for your support for our activities:
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