We cordially invite you to the concert of Jan Elf Czerwiński, which will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 7.00 p.m.

Jan Elf Czerwiński makes sounds with his voice. Masterfully. Passing it through myself, my work in the theater, hip-hop background, love of folk, electronics, jazz, metal and author’s song, experiences, traveled roads, people around, techniques and effects, so that they finally hit the looping station, where they find their home and can resonate together by telling stories. Jan is a happy man, but he plays sad things. Mostly, but not always. It’s a paradox, because many good things happened to him in his life – he comes from Gdańsk, he won the Polish looping championship three times, played with many interesting people (Dj Premier, Jacob Collier, Reinhardt Buhr, Fala Changes (Edzio), Immortal Onion, Choir Music Everywhere) in many fantastic places at home and abroad. Since 2017, they are invariably recommended for concerts that are a bit strange, but still provide a lot of pleasant experiences.

This event is one of the series of musical and poetic meetings as part of the “Hear the image = see the sound # 2” project, which is supported and co-financed by the City of Gdańsk as part of the competition for cultural activities for 2022 ”.

The project «Hear a picture = see sound # 2» is:
– A series of concerts and poetic word-meetings in the space of an art gallery.
– Organic blend of visual and musical arts.
– Direct contact in a friendly, intimate space
with the contractor.
– Integration and communication of various social groups.
– Live music enjoyment surrounded by wonderful works of art.
Schedule of events within the project for August – October 2022:
-Ocheretyanyy kit -Concert – August 19, 2022;
-Travaaa (Uliana Savchenko) -Slow Meeting – 03/09/2022
-Uhuru Trio – Concert – 17/09/2022
-Lena Pelowska -Slow Meeting – 1 October 2022
-Tomasz Lipski- Slow Meeting – October 29, 2022
– Jan Czerwiński – Concert – 13.10.2022
Free entrance.

Videorelation from koncert.

Photo relation from concert (Photo Olga Savchenko):