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WGS BWA, Contemporary Art Gallery (Old Mine), ul. Wysockiego 29, Wałbrzych

14-10-2022, 18:00
Word – image – sound… and space
The Land of Things was created out of admiration for both the essence of Art and Life itself. Art, beauty, strong personal experiences, sensitivity became the ground for the creation of an original statement. INSPIRATION is a parallel force to ART in this exhibition. Step by step, inspiration built the structure of this presentation and attracted new artists to cooperation.
The first poems were written by Aleksander Najda, ekphrases that strongly highlighted the poet’s emotional connection with music, painting, antiquity, poetry and prose. They became a note of the author’s personal meetings with the work of outstanding authors, but also of his fleeting experiences and emotions.
The poems became an inspiration for Vasyl Savchenko, who in an extremely minimalistic way (using only the whiteness of the sheet and the gradation of black and gray charcoal) brought out all the richness of poetry and its content in the painting. By creating abstract graphics, using a spontaneous hand gesture, he illustrated a whole range of emotions, both of himself and the author of the poems.
Recitation, interpretation of poetry, in the very way of reading it, especially the voice, its timbre, and balancing with volume and emotions, bring space and sounds that exist between words. They are not written in the verses of poems, but a sensitive recipient, with a whole baggage of personal experiences and elation, hears them.He hears them within himself, incl. just like Hanna Klepacka. He is able to transfer them from his internal, intimate space to the outside, to the public, accessible to all of us, its recipients. This is exactly how the actress created an unusual, personal interpretation, woven on the basis of her own emotions and the poet’s emotions. Poetry became a strong inspiration for herself and the musicians cooperating with her. Poems are recited once and sung once, arranged into melodies and songs. They became music for the creators, showing the power of poetry, its versatility and ubiquity.
Similarly, Sandro Ruscio, the composer, contributed to this project a chamber piece, which is built on the aura of the volume “Grunt Rzeczy”. It applies to both the music and composers mentioned in the poems and the mood of the entire poetry collection. The atmosphere he found in himself is the emotional state that resonated with him and the poet on similar notes.
Art became an inspiration for the poet. And poetry as a word, the volume as a whole became an inspiration for artists: graphics through images, actresses-performers and composers through sound. Thanks to this non-obvious meeting, at the same source, the exhibition was multilayered in mood, form and space.
The space here also played its important role of inspiration. The scale of the BWA gallery in Wałbrzych, with its panache and size, triggered expansiveness in expression and expression of actions. The exhibition includes both intimate, contemplative and large works, sometimes overwhelming in their scale.
However, the resources used are economical. Simple, natural materials are used for the painting: paper, coal, stone, wood.The basis of nature, in fact The Ground of Things. Sonically, the loudspeaker is the starting point as the original sound and the first instrument to which everyone has access at all times.
The exhibition aims to arouse another wave of Inspiration. A viewer who takes the time to read, see, hear and experience her in that particular space may come out with a new impulse. Motivation to look and feel more intensely your reality, your experiences and art.
Anna Fronckiewcz-Spodnik
I have not primed anything today, and so many things require ground, I thought after reading the poems of Aleksander Najda, an insightful reader of pictures from life and those from the museum. Sometimes there is a greater difference between them, and sometimes it is so important that it beats the eyes. But it beats thanks to Nada and his way of enhancing it.
Karol Maliszewski
Poetic and literary critic

Multimedia exhibition
poetry – image – sound
October 14, 2022 – January 8, 2023
Aleksander Najda – poet (author of poems and a volume)
Vasyl Savchenko – graphic designer (author of graphics and installations)
Hanna Klepacka – actress, performer (composition, poem interpretation)
Sandro Ruscio – Composer (song “Dea Smarrita”)
Anna Fronckiewicz-Spodnik
Dominik Podsiadły (assistant)
Jonasz Sowa – composition, music production / collaboration with Hanna Klepacka
Wojtek Makowski – composition, guitar / collaboration with Hanna Klepacka
Maurycy Idzikowski – trumpet, cuckoo, percussion / collaboration with Hanna Klepacka
Nicolas Tsabertidis, Sound Island Studio – Inżynier Dźwięku / cooperation with Sandro Ruscio
Project coordinator:
Piotr Micek
Ilona Sapka
Special thanks:
Waldemar Kuczma
Elizabeth Najda
Tomasz Borucki
Eliza Moose
Anastasia Lysyuk
Mateusz Żywicki
Michael Liguz
Exhibition sponsors:
Ipopema Business Consulting Sp. z o.o.
Hadrone Sp. z o.o.
Wałbrzych Region Fund
Tomik’s sponsor:
Elizabeth Najda