“That’s like the living ghost of an immense country trapped in a permanent un-making…”
Antonio Luis Ramos Membrive


Serhiy Savchenko
Gallery “Dzyga”
Lviv, st. Virmenska, 35
Opening at 17.00, 8.10.2022

The “Outlands” art project was created from waste from the production of wooden world maps.
Everything that did not get on the map – was moved to the trash…
Painting, object, video, sound sculpture.
Materials: wood, oil, acrylic, refrigerator, video.
The project was created within the framework of the Scholarship for Cultural Creators of the Marshal of Pomeranian for 2022.
Supported by: Pracownia Twórcza Avokado and Savchenko Gallery.

Works from project

Exhibition in Gallery “Dzyga” 08.10.2022-28.10.2022

Photo-relation from the opening in “Dzyga” Gallery” 08.10.2022 -28.10.202 , Photo-Bogdan Yemets.


Outlands in Savchenko Gallery, Gdansk.


“Outlands ” at  „Ukrainian Cross-Section 2022. UKRAINE! UNMUTED, Kaunas, Lithuania. 11.2022

Process of creation the project :