15 Sept. – 9 Oct., 2022

Galerie Mutter Fourage
Chausseestraße 15a 14109, Berlin
Do /14bis 18 Uhr -Sa 12 bis 17 Uhr
nr. +49 30 8052311

A series of works by 10 Ukrainian artists from the collection of Savchenko Gallery was presented at Berlin Gallery Mutter Fourage.
That is the second presentation of that collection in Berlin since this year. The first edition of that exhibition was shown in the international Club Foreign Affairs Office in Berlin. Now it is presented in an updated version for the wide public in open public space.
The series of artworks can serve as a very expressive and informative slice of contemporary Ukrainian art It recreates several artistic generational styles along with the artist’s individual styles, formats, and worldviews.

All the represented artists are well known in Ukraine and abroad. The artists represented in the collection include:
Eduard Belsky – graphics
Olesia Dzhurayeva – graphics
Ustym, Fedko – email on metal
Vlodko Kaufman – mix technic
Svitlana Karunska-Sculpture
Andriy Roik – paintings
Roman Romanyshyn – graphics
Serhiy Savchenko – paintings
Vasyl Savchenko – drawings
Denys Struk – paintings

Photo-relation from exposition in Galerie Mutter Fourage, Wansee-Berlin.