We cordially invite you to the poetic evening Wordmeeting – «Travaaa», Uliana Savchenko.
This event is one of the series of musical and poetic meetings within the project “Hear the image = see the sound # 2”, which is supported and co-financed by the City of Gdańsk as part of the competition for cultural activities for 2022 ”.
Uliana Savchenko (“Travaaa”)
She was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 2004, in an artistic family.
At the age of 6, she studied at LSSMSHI (Lviv Music School with Boarding)
them. S. Kruszelnicka, where I perfected my violin playing, and the piano was an additional obligatory instrument. In 2017, she joined the PLAST National Scout Organization of Ukraine. In 2020, she left music school, switched to home education and began learning to play the guitar. A year later she got into a budding rock band. It was then that she began to write poetry and music. Currently, I am actively involved in creativity; I write songs and poems, I draw and give concerts in Poland.
“… I started writing my first poems in February 2019, at the same time I set up an Instagram account where I published all my poems. For now, I will be sharing them on Twitter. Currently, I have about 150 poems in my oeuvre …
With the quarantine start in 2020, I started learning guitar and songwriting.
In 2021, I got into the FALSHIVI music group. I took part with the team
at the Music Festival in Lviv, where we gave one concert. After the Russian invasion, I came to Poland, where I started giving concerts on my own.So far I have created about 50 original songs … ”
The project «Hear a picture = see sound # 2» is:
– A series of concerts and poetic word-meetings in the space of an art gallery.
– Organic blend of visual and musical arts.
– Direct contact in a friendly, intimate space
with the contractor.
– Integration and communication of various social groups.
– Live music enjoyment surrounded by great works of art.
Schedule of events within the project for August – October 2022:
-Ocheretyanyy kit -Concert – August 19, 2022;
-Travaaa (Uliana Savchenko) -Wordmeeting – 03/09/2022
-Uhuru Trio – Concert – 17/09/2022
-Lena Pelowska – Wordmeeting – 1/10/2022
-Jan Czerwiński – Concert – 13/10/2022
-Tomasz Lipski- Wordmeeting – 29/10/ 2022

Photos from event (Photo (Max Tysczenko)