Aleksandar Bonačić
“Limit of emptiness” /“Transition”
09.06 -20.06.2022 , Savchenko Gallery, Gdańsk
Otwarcie: 09.06.2022 , 19.00

Organizator :
Savchenko Gallery
Savchenko Foundation
«Museum ideas»( Lwów, Ukraina)

The exhibition of photographs from the series “The Limit of Emptiness” has already been exhibited in Lviv in «Museum of Ideas» and never before in Poland. The wide range of topics of this series clearly and always subtly tells the story of deep inner silence, pure silence in the world of fullness. Exquisite spirituality and accuracy of expression are an indisputable feature of every work by Aleksander Bonačić.

“Transition” is a video-slide-show of 231 photos of painful experiences, a friend of the artist, Croatian actress Mia
Acceptance of pain and the beauty in the ugliness. An artist has immersed herself in the truth of disappointment, staying aware of the choices she has made to arrive here. She asked Bonacic to capture her storytelling. She never spoke of it to anyone since. She shows vulnerability without seeking help.
Transition is a piece created on the spot. Without a concept, no pre – discussions, sharing of ideas. The artist has asked Bonacic to produce some headshots for renewal of her portfolio. As the artist tried to appear ready for the shoot, Bonacic found everything but. In this series acceptance of pain and the beauty in the truth is shown. An artist has immersed herself in results of disappointment staying aware of the choices she has made to arrive here. Bonacic captured her storytelling which occured effortlessly. She never spoke of it before or afterwards to anyone since. She shows vulnerability without seeking help. Willowing in sadness caused by insecurities highlightged by addiciton. The process of healing starts in reflecting at ones childhood. Here she returnes to her roots, her empty family home, resonating with old wounds to understand the journey that led her to her current state. Each object used in the series represents a version of herself which she lost whilst she adopted to other people’s idea of who she was meant to be. The piece is narrated by the artists voice reading out love letters by the only man she truly loved. Text is filled with lust and nostalgia, idealising the subject by putting her on the pedestal from which she has fallen loosing her two teeth. But stil there is beauty. Seen only through the lense. Vocal fragments in the piece sung by the artist have later led to a wonderful music collaboration with Bonacic in which the duo continues to create to this very day.

Aleksandar Bonačić has been actively involved in photography for the last twenty years. His daily attachment to this medium has created a rich and extensive opus and has resulted in a multitude of solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Born in 1965 in Zadar, where he still lives and works as a member of several art associations. He has achieved particularly notable exhibitions with the art association ‘Zadart’ and the photo group ‘5.exe’ whose initiator he is. It is expressed equally through black and white and color photography.

Photos from series ““Limit of emptiness”

Screenshorts from video slideshow “Transition”