We cordially invite you to a poetic evening-WORD-MEETING – Lena Pelowska, which will be held on Saturday, October 1, at 7.00 p.m. in the Savchenko Gallery space, at 8 Garbary Street in Gdańsk.
Lena Pelowska (born Magdalena Kuśmirek), physicist by education, resident of Gdańsk.
A popularizer of haiku, a short and economical poetic form. He is a co-editor of the poetycki portal poemax.pl. and actively participates in the poetic and artistic life of the Tri-City. Her poems were published in the albums of Tri-City artists such as: Manuscripts from a drawer, “Drugi shore”, “Constellations”, “Tricity Slam”, as well as in the nationwide “Haiku”, “Anthology”, “Blue Grass”, “Let’s play.” świerszczom “,” Seasons in Polish haiku “.
Marcjanna goes to war ‘is the author’s poetic debut, published in autumn 2021 by the Duży Format Foundation. The poems for the volume were written over a dozen years, gaining power and matching the social and cultural changes that we are currently observing. In 2022, this volume also took on a new military context.
This event is one of the series of musical and poetic meetings as part of the “Hear the image = see the sound # 2” project, which is supported and co-financed by the City of Gdańsk as part of the competition for cultural activities for 2022 ”.
Schedule of events within the project
for August-October 2022:
– Ocheretyanyy kit (Concert) – August 19, 2022;
– Ulyana Savchenko (Wordmatching) – 09/03/2022
–Uhuru Trio (Concert) – 17/09/2022
– Lena Pelowska (Slow Meeting) – 1 October 2022
– Jan Czerwinski (Concert) – 13.10.2022
– Tomasz Lipski (Word-meeting) – October 29, 2022