Savchenko Foundation was established by the Savchenko family in January 2020, in Gdansk.
The Foundation is established to conduct interdisciplinary artistic and educational activities in the fields of science, culture, and art, consisting in
combining fields in the field of all visual arts and design, in particular: painting, film and animation production, design
graphic design, design for public spaces, small architecture and design, designing websites and web applications,
programming, art print, music and sound, and the use of new media – excluding political or religious activities.
Founders and board members of the Foundation: Serhiy Savchenko, Lina Savchenko, and Vasyl Savchenko.

Adress :
80-236, GDAŃSK
NIP: 9571130516,
REGON: 388046777,
KRS: 0000862233
Tel: +48737794711