Radosław Kobus
“Mikro noise” live act
13. 05. 2023 19. 00-21. 00
Night of Museums

An interdisciplinary project in which viewers participate.
It will be advisable to do everything that is not allowed to do with a painting in a museum.
That is: touching, scratching your fingernail, rubbing, scraping what you have in your pocket, scrubbing a picture on the floor, tapping your finger on the canvas, etc.
The images will be connected with Piezo microphones to the audio equipment, which will make sounds by doing the above described steps. The action will be recorded and the material published in the form of a digital disc in which viewers participating in the project will become its co-authors.
Radosław Kobus was born in 1978 in Częstochowa. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Diploma in painting in the studio of Prof. Maciej Świeszewski and an annex from drawing in the studio of Prof. Maria Targońska in 2006. Since 2002 he has been co-organizing the Artists’ Colony at the Gdańsk Shipyard, where he creates a studio and recording studio for experimental music. The main theme of his painting is the issue of light, emanation, luminescence. His paintings contain references to the structures and behaviour of sound waves presented in abstract shapes and compositions.
Admission is free.

live translation in gallery 13.05.2023

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