You are cordially invited to an exhibition of contemporary icons “Nowa ikona” (‘New Icon”), combined with a presentation from an art installation.

Foundation (Gdansk)
Gallery of Sacred ArtICONART” (Lviv).
Cooperation: Association of Friends of Nowica

Duration of the exhibition 04.12.2021 – 21.12.2021
Opening: 04.12.2021, at 19:00

During the vernisage there will be an author’s concert of “Rybońka” (Kseniya Kysylychyn), frontwoman of the band “nr90”

In December 2021, in the special period before Christmas, we present in our Gallery, contemporary icons that are the work of artists from different corners of Ukraine and Poland. Many of them have never been exhibited before, they were brought from Lviv and Warsaw. We want to unite Poles and Ukrainians, convinced of the common cultural sources of both our nations.

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In cooperation with ICONART – the most important gallery presenting contemporary sacral art in Ukraine and the Association of Friends of Novitsa, which has been organizing meetings of icon painters for 14 years, as well as the Savchenko Foundation, we would like to introduce contemporary sacral art to the visitors of our Gallery.
Especially for this occasion, an artistic installation will be created by Serhiy Savchenko – painter and creator of graphics, video and animation, promoter of culture

“Together with the IconArt Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art in Lviv, we present works by painters associated with the International Iconography Workshop in Novitsa. The plein-air workshops organized every year are attended by artists for whom such themes as Christmas, Transfiguration of Christ or images of saints are current and important. At the same time, they like to go straight to the text of Scripture, the Old and New Testaments. The artists who make up this environment interpret the Gospel message in the context of the time and place in which they live. Contrary to popular belief, the language and forms of Orthodox art are also changeable. Many of the works presented at the exhibition do not have their artistic prototypes. Their authors, drawing from the centuries-old tradition of Orthodox art, have the courage to seek their own language in which they speak of the experience of faith. They do it in an original and innovative way. ”
Mateusz Sora

During the vernissage and in the course of the exhibition the mentioned art installationTransfiguration-Meetingwill be presented
combined with painting by Serhiy Savchenko.

All works available for sell.

Price list

List of artists:
Albina Yaloza (Ukraine), Alina Hrubets (Ukraine) Andrij Vynnychok (Ukraine), Andrzej Fydrych (Poland), Anna Makać (Poland), Borys Fiodorowicz (Poland), Danylo Movchan (Ukraine), Dawid Zdobylak (Poland) , Elżbieta Wasyłyk (Poland), Franciszek Maśluszczak (Poland), Hlafira Shcherbak (Ukraine), Iryna Solonynka (Ukraine), Ivan Panas (Ukraine), Ivanna Ostapchuk (Ukraine). Jaroslav Uhel (Poland), Joanna Mazuś (Poland), Kataryna Kuziv (Ukraina), Kateryna Dmyterkov (Ukraine), Kateryna Kuziv (Ukraine), Kazimierz Rochecki (Poland), Khrystyna Kvyk (Ukraina), Khrystyna Yatsyniak (Ukraina), Mykhailo Mykhaliuk (Ukraina), Nikola Sarić (Serbia), Ostap Łoziński (Ukraine), Romko Zilinko(Ukraine), Serhiy Savchenko (Ukraine), Sofija Suliy (Ukraine), Solomya Kazanivska (Ukraine), Sviatoslav Vladyka (Ukraine), Sylwia Perczak (Poland), Taras Kuziv (Ukraine), Taras Nowak (Ukraine), Uliana Nyszczuk (Ukraine), Ulyana Tomkevych (Ukraine), Viktoria Shtyk (Ukraine), Vitalii Shupliak (Ukraine), Waldemar M. Kuczma (Poland)

Relation from opening and exposition:

Object-installation by Serhiy Savchenko “Meeting/Transfiguration”, Painting, video

Photos of works exhibited available for sale: