FANABAZ- factory at 32 Bazyńskiego Street
A center for creative people, a place of cooperation and synergy of artists, musicians, theater audiences, dancers, animators and all those capable of acting and creating. For almost six months, the old historic factory has been hosting creative workshops of centers, artists, musicians, poets and actors, as well as representatives of other artistic industries. They all share the will and the ability to act and create. The center is open to cooperation and is constantly supplemented with new colleagues and friends.
Once a month, Fanabaz opens its doors to visitors. Everyone can visit the workshops and spaces where their owners create their own worlds. Each of these discoveries necessarily includes a visual and musical program.
The initiators and organizers of Fanabaz were the artists Bartosz Zavek Zaruckii, Gosha BU and Serhiy Savchenko. Savchenko Gallery ta Allcon Nieruchomości is a permanent co-organizer and partner of the event.
We invite everyone interested in our events as guests and partners, but we kindly encourage and invite those who want to support us with sponsorship or patronage.
“You go fast yourself, and we’ll go far together,” Steve Jobs

FANABAZ   Halfopened Studios , 13, 07,2020, 19.00 The Corona dust is already coming off. We, locked in the ateliers, are now opening them, a bit. Half-opening of the…

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