Our factory works at high speed, On Monday, August 17th, we are preparing the second edition of our event for you. In the program, we have for you: – An exhibition of the latest works in the studio @Serhiy Savchenko – Screenings of short films from Catena’s Berlin residence – Fireshow battle Applications: (Name and surname + 4 songs on the email bartosz.zarucki@gmail.com) Rules: Depending on the number of participants Eliminations 60s, Top 8 fights of 2 rounds (1st round 120s to one of your tracks, 2nd round 60s to a random track) Jury: @Gosha bu, @ Zarucki @Serhiy Savchenko Hosted by @Kuxon Jam session Take your instruments with you, and let’s play together in our space. Welcome Start at 19:00 Battle starts 20:30

Photos  from the event: