Coventry PEACE plans benefit for Ukraine

On Sunday, May 15, 2 to 5 p.m., Coventry PEACE Campus (CPC) will host an afternoon of art, music and food, all to benefit the artists of Ukraine.
The concept for the benefit grew from the 30-plus-year friendship between Susie Porter, of Euclid, and Serhiy Savchenko, a well-known Ukrainian artist in Lviv, Ukraine.As the war ramped up, Serhiy’s daughter, Ulianka, also an artist, began making digital artwork depicting the various aspects of the war, rendering the unbelievable events in her vibrant, and politically pointed, poster art.
Ulyana Savchenko’s poster prints are available for purchase at @SavchenkoGallery. We invite you to support the young artist. The profits from the sale will be donated by our gallery to help Ukraine and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ulyana's posters available in Gallery