February 24, 2023, at 18:00 – we invite you stationary to the Institute of Urban Culture for the 5th charity auction, which will take place with the support of the Student Self-Government of the Academy of Fine Arts and in cooperation with the Institute of Urban Culture.
You will be able to take part in the auction and win works by artists such as: Patrycja Podościelny, Sławomir Witkowski, Agata Królak, Vasyl Savchenko, Mariusz Waras, Maciek Salamon, Magdalena Pela, Przemysław Garczyński, or Ada Zielińska and Vera King .
In addition to the auction, we are also organizing a fair at this time, where you can buy the works of our students.
The auction will be led by Dr. Filip Ignatowicz.