The new series of paintings by the established Ukrainian contemporary artist Serhiy Savchenko explores the theme of movement of the material beyond its own borders. Serhiy Savchenko is the multimedia artist and participant of numerous international exhibitions and art residences. In Oil and Water. Transgression of Material Savchenko’s main goal is to immerse of the viewer into the powerful stream of the energy that the paint bears when it transgresses beyond the white enamel on the canvas. The transgression in this series is viewed as the phenomenon of transformation of the artistic media into the “base matter” and represents the Ultimate Creative force that is not limited by the laws of duality commonly believed to dominate in the universe. The artist started working on the topic of spontaneity and absence of control over the absolute creative force of the material in 2009 in the series called Eruptions. In 2019 he introduced new elements into his concept and came up with the Oil and Water. Transgression of Material. The new elements enabled him to model the behaviour of the material on the canvas – mainly allowing him to determine the direction of its flow.
Olena Grubb,
MAAB Sotheby’s Institute of Art