“A Ukrainian company that once taught me not to look for capricious carpenters who would make stretchers, prime and stretch the canvas by myself. They did everything for me.
A little later, thanks to this company, I was able to easily realize the slogan “not a drop of Russian paint”.
The company has provided the highest quality materials several times for numerous meetings of artists in Ukraine and beyond.
More than once, my colleagues and organizers from other countries asked to bring at least some Ukrainian art materials with them. The main reason is high quality and competitive price compared to other brands.
It is hard to imagine the complexity of logistics and the technological challenges that must be overcome today in order to create such high-quality professional art materials.
Today, thanks to this company, the world has seen one of my favorite colors – azure black.
Many thanks to the Ukrainian company ROSA for inviting me to the project “Author’s Color” and for the work that all artists need so much. ” Serhiy Savchenko.

Soon at Savchenko Gallery.
@rosaukraine #savchenkogallery