Artist, graphic artist, painter, sculptor. Roman Romanyshyn has almost all known graphic techniques. He is one of the most famous graphic artists in Europe, dealing with color etching (intaglio printing). Especially Roman Romanyshyn gained special fame as a graphic artist thanks to his mastery of the technique of color etching, printed on three boards. He works in the technique of oil painting on canvas, as well as in the technique of leftovers on a wooden base. His work is characterized by the depth and richness of colors, filling the works with symbols and signs that resonate with folklore.


Born in 1957, Ukraine
Education: Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts
Activity: Printmaking, painting, sculpture.
Solo Exhibitions:
1986 – Rzeszow-Przemysl, Poland;
1990 – Ethnography museum, Lviv, Ukraine;
1990 – CUAF (Canadian Ukrainian Art Foundation), Toronto, Canada;
1991 – Volodymyrska Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
1992 – Szuper Gallery, Munich, Germany;
1993 – Szuper Gallery, Munich, Germany;
1994 – Museum of Contemporary Art, Khmelnitski, Ukraine;
1994 – Susekullen, Olofstrom, Sweden;
1994 – Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine;
1995 – Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaques, Barcelona, Spain;
1995 – Rigas Vini Gallery, Riga, Latvia;
1996 – French Culture Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine;
1996 – Ethnography museum, Lviv, Ukraine;
1996 – Galerie Saint Leger, Geneva, Switzerland;
1996 – Rigas Vini Gallery, Riga, Latvia;
1997 – CUAF (Canadian Ukrainian Art Foundation), Toronto, Canada;
1997 – Gallery of Alla Rogers, Washington, USA;
1998 – Oeral Gallery, Assen, Netherland;
1998 – Obriy Gallery, Khust, Ukraine;
1999 – Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2000 – Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Yokohama, Japan;
2001 – Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium;
2002 – Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2002 – BWA, Przemysl, Poland;
2002 – EM Gallery, Kollum, Netherland;
2002 – Castle Museum, Szczecin, Poland;
2002 – Schloss-Galerie, Jever, Germany;
2004 – Triptych, Gallery Kyiv, Ukraine;
2004 – CUAF (Canadian Ukrainian Art Foundation), Toronto, Canada;
2004 – INTERART Beeldentuin/Gallery, Heeswijk, Netherlands;
2004 – Kongresnov i festivalnom centre, Varna, Bulgaria;
2004 – Russi Karabiberov Atr Gallery, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria;
2005 – KDK Gallery, Sliven, Bulgaria;
2005 – Nikola Petrov Art Gallery, Vidin, Bulgaria;
2005 – City Art Gallery, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria;
2005 – Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2006 – Russi Karabiberov Atr Gallery, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria;
2006 – National Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia;
2007 – EM Gallery, Kollum, Netherland;
2008 – Maritime Art Gallery, Odesa, Ukraine;
2008 – Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2008 – National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine;
2008 – National Library, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2009 – Primus Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2010 – AVS-Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2010 – SIEAC Gallery, Tianjin, Hangu, China;
2010 – Pod Ratuszem Gallery, Rzeszow, Poland;
2010 – Galeria Andrzeja Strumiłły, Suwalki, Poland;
2011 – Zakarpatsky Art Museum n.a. Yosyp Bokshay, Uzhgorod, Ukraine;
2012 – Art+ Gallery, Chengdu, Sichuan, China;
2012 – Foyer Gallery, Katowice, Poland;
2012 – Michalsky Dwor Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia;
2012 – Primus Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2013 – M’Art Print Gallery, Velke Zaluzie, Slovakia;
2013 – Primus Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2013 – Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2014 – Domus Aurea Gallery, Lublin, Poland;
2014 – Podolyany Gallery, Ternopil, Ukraine.
2015 – Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.
2016 – Gallery MOK, Debica, Poland.
2016 – Gallery of the Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
2016 – Triptikh-Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2017 – SIEAC Gallery, Tianjin, Hangu, China;
2017 – Galeria To Tu, Rzeszow, Poland;
2018 – Tianze Bookstore, Tianjin, China;
2018 – Ukrainian Insitute of America, New York, USA;
2018 – White World gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 – Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2019 – White World gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 – National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine
Participated at numerous International Exhibitions and Symposiums in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea…
3rd Annual International Miniprint Exhibition, Napa, USA – special merit and purchase award;
14th Mini Print International, Cadaques, Barcelona-award for winning work;
Autumn Salon “High Castle” 97, Lviv, Ukraine, first award for graphic art;
International Art Exhibition “Carpathian Range” First award diploma;
4th International Painting Biennial of Carpathian Euroregion, Przemysl, Poland, prize of Tarnow city mayor;
First biennale of graphic. Saint- Petersburg. Award for small form (common work with O. Denisenko and K. Kalinovich);
International Painting Triennial of Carpathian Region “Silver Quadrangle”, Przemysl, Poland – Slovakian National Prize;
The Balkan Quadrennial of Painting “Myths and Legends of my People” – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria – prize award;
International Painting Triennial of Carpathian Region “Silver Quadrangle”, Przemysl, Poland – Slovakian National Prize;
Main Public Collections:
Ukrainian Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine;
Ukrainian Art Museum, Lviv, Ukraine;
Ukrainian Independent Center of Contemporary Art, Lviv, Ukraine;
Ukrainian Art Museum, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine;
Ukrainian Modern Art Museum, Khmelnitski, Ukraine
Museum of Kaniv reservation, Ukraine;
Museum of the Modern Ukrainian fine Arts, Kyiv;
Tretjakov’s Picture Gallery, Moscow, Russia;
Museum of International Contemporary Graphic Art, Fredrikstad, Norway;
Juniper Gallery, Napa, USA;
Off Centre Gallery, GB;
Malbork, Castle Museum, Poland;
Olofstrom Public Library, Sweden;
Gallery ”Rigas-Vini”, Latvia;
”Fonds cantonal de decoration”, Geneve, Switzerland;

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