Getting to know a person at a glance, understanding his inner nature – difficult, almost impossible. So often we judge a stranger based on his appearance, like a dress, what length of hair or beard? What’s in the heart? In my mind? Especially if this person is an artist. Artist Ivan Tverdun was created in the Lviv artistic environment, with his honest, and more often revealing, the sincere attitude of some osmobosts to another, degreased to the very beginning. After graduating from the Faculty of Interior Architecture of the Lviv Academy of Arts in 1985. realized that it was on the periphery. The periphery with the nature of ready-made stamps and paintings driven by a carriage, calm of creative activities – don’t stick out! And the inner world of Ivan Tverdun, his creative credo: “Joy of life, freedom from fear” demanded his own visual language, which, unfortunately, is not understandable by everyone. According to Ivan himself – in the unfinished work the idea is much clearer and sharper than on the finished canvas.


Ivan Tverdun was born in Lviv. 1961
1980 graduated from Lviv Art college of Decorative and Applied Art named by Ivan Trush. 1985 graduated from Lviv Academy of Art.
Since 1995 a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Selected solo exhibitions:
1990 Museum of Ethnography, Lviv, Ukraine.
1990 Dillingen, Germany.
1995 OR Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998. 36 gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2000, Alla Rogers Gallery, Washington.
3rd prize. Silver square. Przemyszl.

now in gallery