“Disinfected” Art project by Olena Dats and Serhiy Savchenko.
Collection of author’s shirts, printing on shirts: Olena Dats.
Author of the idea, painting, video, photo, printing on shirts: Serhiy Savchenko.

29-30 January 17.00-20.00
Opening reception: 31 January 14.00-17,00 в Olena Dats’ Gallery, 8 Kubanska str., Lviv, Ukraine
Olena Dats’ Galery, Savchenko Gallery.
Support by: EBS Ink-Jet Systems.

„Maybe what is really clean is what is not signed, what is without a description, without a stigma?
Maybe we have the freedom and the right to decide
how much to dive, to go deeper, to believe.
Disinfected: is it expression or calm? What does this inscription hide?
What he allows us, or maybe the opposite is a ban, or maybe a warning that makes us think about freedom.
Disinfected? Or it is disoriented? ”
Olena Dats’.
“Disinfection designed to fight viruses has itself turned into a virus.”
Serhiy Savchenko
The process that results from the interaction of consciousness and the elements, when nature once again generates its response to the ambitious consciousness that is in constant captivity of the body, being an integral part of the biological component of nature.
The label with unambiguous content consistently loses its meaning,
spreading like a virus, while declaring its destruction.
Purity and sterility, which becomes synonymous health and longevity, is transformed in the world trend and, in its own way in fact, there is absolute antagonist of life itself.
The artist instantly reacts and “disinfects” his own works, demarcating and convincing the viewer of a kind of “safety” of the work, which should not only deprive the surface of the work of viruses and bacteria, but also convince the viewer of the need and usefulness of a product suitable for “consumption”. .
As a result, objectivity is constantly losing its shape, as the distance to it is constantly growing every moment…” S.S.

Artists Olena Dats and Serhiy Savchenko printed the inscription “Disinfected” on white shirts with the help of a EBS Handjet printer. The printing took place in a peculiar way, when each of the inscriptions was made on a shirt, which was continuously folded during the process and printed again and again after each folding. After printing, the shirt did not unfold and was immediately packed. Thus, the general appearance of a fully unfolded shirt remained a mystery, and only those who open it for the first time will see the pattern that has developed. Women famous for their active public activity responded to the invitation of the authors and organizers of the project. Each of them received and for the first time revealed their unique shirt, donated by the authors, thus joining the unique process of creating the exceptional and unknown.
Co-participants of projects:
Yulia Boyko – owner of Biolux beauty salon and partner of Olena Dats ’Gallery
Natalia Vasko -theater and film actress
Solomiya Vitvitska – host of the TV channel “1 + 1”
Maryana Voznytsia – Director of the Western Interregional Department of the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU)
Ulyana Gorbachevska -singer, director, and researcher of folk songs
Iryna Danylevska – Founder of UFW, Chair of the UFW Organizing Committee
Sonya Zabuga – editor-in-chief of Elle Ukraine
Liana Mytsko – director of the Lviv Municipal Art Center
Maria Karpinska – Director of the Karpinski Foundation Charitable Organization. Founder of My First Scholarship
Iolanta Pryshlyak – Deputy General Director of the Lviv National Philharmonic, Chairman of the Board of the INSO-Lviv Orchestra
Valentyna Synenka – marketing director of Symphony solutions, the founder of the SHE community
Oksana Syroid – the vice-president of the Ukrainian School of Economics
Yulia Sinkevych -a producer and co-founder of the Ukrainian Film Academy
Yanina Sokolova – journalist
Anna Hayetska -editor-in-chief of Wonderzine Ukraine
Ulyana Khromyak – the head of the creative economy office

Paintings by Serhiy Savchenko (130x130cm)

Photos from the exhibition

photos from the project (author: Serhiy Savchenko, model: Olga Savchenko)

photos from the presentation 29.01.2021.

Video Presentation of project: