Admiring the nature, being inspired by it, as in the old poems of young Rimbaud, Ustym Fedko is fond of expression in his work: abstract and sensual – he draws winds and seas; fascinated by Archipenko’s polychromy, sculpts pictorial art with drastic blend of colors and shapes breaking through the surface – and inspired clouds materialize in carved enamel or mosaic reliefs…
Efficient as a true passionary, Ustym moves mountains and water on the canvas, intertwining and twisting them in swirls of emotions (after all, he considers them being the main impetus for creativity, more than universalism of pure colors and forms).
Fire is Ustym’s another comrade. They are interesting to each other as equal fighters: they compete and worship each other in a creative process, whether it is the burning of enamel or an alchemical experiment in smelting an amazing copper-glass sculpture.

“So that the clouds would rush ahead”
Tetiana Illina


Born in 1971 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated Lviv College of Applied Arts in 1991 (Ceramics Department), then studied monumental arts in Ukrainian Art Academy, (graduated in 1998).
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Department of Monumental Art.
Works in the field of monumental art, sculpture, painting, enamel on copper.
Mr.Fedko’s monumental works are presented on a number of public sites in Ukraine – Kyiv Central Train Station, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral in Kyiv, Botanichna Metro Station in Kharkiv, and others.
He has had personal and group exhibitions and participated in numerous symposiums on sculpture, enamel and other arts in Ukraine, Poland, France, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia.
Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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