“I draw from nature and from a photo. It’s all improvisation, like jazz. It may look like a slap in the face, but when you give the brush kinetic energy all the time, it turns out to be a whole different picture than just sticking it on a canvas, ” M.S.


Was born in 1960.
In 1986 he graduated from Lviv Institute of Applied Arts, department – art glass.
Since 1992 – participant in art events, has repeatedly exhibited his works in Ukraine and abroad:
1998, 2000, 2002 – International Biennale “Silver Square” (Poland),
2006 – solo exhibition (Dresden, Germany),
2007 – International Patronage Auction Sotheby’s (Dresden, Germany),
2008 – International Exhibition “Paints of Ukraine” (Berlin).
The works of Mykhaylo Skobalo are in private collections in England, Canada, Germany, Poland.

now in gallery