In any creative practice there is a vision of a vector, such a vector in my endeavors is the human body.
It serves as an object, a form, but in everyday meditative practice it is increasingly transformed into
a means, an artistic material.
Referral by means is manifested in the language that arises and is built as a result of broadcasting personal
observations, experiences.
Initially, this is fixed by a pattern on paper,
which is the most accessible and universal in order to show the originality of the human flesh and body
structure.It is important for me to outline the important role of drawing on paper as well as work on canvas,
collage or easel graphics.


Was born in Lviv in 1995.
In 2016 graduated from Lviv Ivana Trusha College Of Decorative and Applied Arts and
Lviv National academy of Art where he studied on department of monumental painting in 2018.
Andriy Roik works with painting, graphics, collage, ceramics and public painting.

2017-participant of the residency “Live your passion” Lodz, Poland
2018-participant of “Kyiv art week” Kyiv
2018-participant of the plein air named after Volodymyr Patyk, Melniki village, Volyn
2019-personal exhibition “Body”, “Karas Gallery” Kyiv
2019-participant of the Istanbul artist residency Istanbul, Turkey
2019-participant of “Kyiv art week” Kyiv
2019-participant of the plein air for young artists in Vyshneve, Poland
2020-personal exhibition “Conjuncture”, “Karas Gallery” Kyiv
2020 – participant in the exhibition of contemporary art “Nord art” Büdelsdorf Germany
2021 – personal exhibition “Comfort Zone”, “Detector Gallery” Ivano-Frankivsk
2021 – participant of the exhibition “Independent / Exit”
Lviv Street Gallery, Lviv

Now in Gallery